Save Small, Sacramento

We are raising money for small businesses in Sacramento who have been displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home orders.

WE RAISED $16,395!

We've closed the donations and all funds have been deployed to local, small businesses in Sacramento.

Thank you very much for all of your support!

Help save small businesses in Sacramento

Hello, my name is Brandon Brown and I am the CEO of GRIN, a software/tech company in Sacramento. My wife Meagen Brown is the owner of Mist Body Bar in midtown, a local small business that provides beauty services and retail.

This pandemic, and it’s far-reaching effects, have affected both of our companies dramatically – but in very different ways.

Since GRIN is technology based, I’ve been fortunate enough to transition our company to working from home. We’ve been able to for the most part, keep things intact and most of our team working. As such, we’ve been able to save a lot of jobs here locally and are confident we can pull through this downturn.

Meanwhile since the stay at home order went into effect I’ve watched Mist Body Bar, my wife’s business, decline revenue to almost nothing. She’s totally shut down, during her biggest months of the year. Beyond just the stress, the economic reality of her situation is real. Mist Body Bar is not alone or unique. Thousands of retail locations, bars, restaurants and service providers right here in Sacramento are on the brink of collapse due to this situation we’re all facing, together.

Which got me thinking…. how can we help? 

And that’s what Save Small is. A local solution to help small businesses – by rallying those that are still working during COVID – to help those business owners that are not. Our intention is to raise money to help as many Sacramento-based small businesses as possible.

Because small business is the lifeblood of this city we love to call home, they’re what make Sacramento so great. 

So i’ve partnered with my co-founders, the GRIN team, our investors, other local founders + all the friends we grew up with in Sacramento locally to create this initiative. The goal for Save Small is to raise as much money as possible for local, Sacramento-based small businesses. The money will then be distributed by a group of independent, 3rd-party, local leaders to businesses in need. 

Are you a business that has a physical, retail location and is struggling locally in Sacramento? Apply below. We’re going to do what we can to help.

Are you a Sacramento citizen who is fortunate enough to still have a reliable income stream? Donate below. We’re going to ensure your donation gets to small business owners in need.

Every little bit helps. Together, we can make a huge difference.

We have assembled a group of independent business leaders in the Sacramento area to help facilitate the fund distribution process. Funds will be prioritized based on total possible impact to the local economy and will be earmarked for businesses overlooked by previous local support.

Brandon Brown | GRIN

Sabya Das | Moneta Ventures

DJ Stephan | Skyslope

Brian Mechem | GRIN

Sonny Mayugba | Spero Ventures

We’re accepting both donations to help small businesses as well as applications from those in need right here on this page. Once we’ve hit our goal we will collaborate with the local leaders listed above to deploy the funds to as many small businesses as we can. Thank you for taking the time to consider donating and together, we can make a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

how will the funds be dispersed?

We’ve put together a 5 person team, listed above, who will collaborate together to decide how to deploy the funds to make the most possible impact


No single business will be qualified for more than $5,000 in relief. We will prioritize smaller amounts as well to ensure the donations reach as many companies as possible.

what's your motivation to do this?

We have a deep love for Sacramento. The bars, restaurants and shops we attend are in trouble and if we can help, it’s our obligation to do so.

how do i know where the funds went?

We will post via blog-style recap right here on this page all of the companies that qualified and received the funds. We will deploy 100% of the donations to local, small businesses.

Have another Question and we’ll add it? e-mail